Side events

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak,
together with the city of Heerlen
we decided to postpone our Forum to a later date.

The first Cities & Citizens Energy Forum
will take place from the 15th to the 17th September 2020.


The Cities & Citizens Energy Forum is more than a conference!
Many interesting events will take place in Heerlen in the same week and will be organised in the framework of the Forum.

Energy Cities projects


Greening our cities with district energy – HeatNet NWE Project final conference

Decarbonisation of the heating and cooling sector is a major challenge to reach carbon neutrality in a near future. One solution is to provide renewable and low carbon heat thanks to district energy. The final conference of the HeatNet NWE Project is a great opportunity to: – learn from more than 15 cutting-edge pilot cases across Europe – find solutions to replicate successful projects – share experience with like-minded people. A study tour of the Mijnwater district heating company’s facilities will follow.

Location: Parkstad Limbourg Theater

22 April 2020 from 9.00 to 14.00

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The Hotmaps Toolbox – training sessions

Are you interested in making your city’s energy planning faster and better? Learn how to do it with the support of the Hotmaps toolbox!

Location: Parkstad Limbourg Theater

22 April 2020 from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 17.00

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Attractive home renovation service packages for homeowners – Conference and capacity-building workshop on one-stop-shops.

The residential sector remains one of the most energy intensive ones. If national and local authorities want to achieve their ambitious energy and climate targets, they have to support citizens pro-actively in launching retrofits. Learn from the local authorities and private sector experts from 11 European places who have developed attractive home renovation service packages for homeowners, offered conveniently in one location – ‘a one-stop-shop’.

22 April 2020 from 9.00 to 15.00

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Heerlen Energy Tours – 22 & 24 April 2020


Visit to Mijnwater Company facilities

The company Mijnwater has developed a unique low temperature heating and cooling network across the city, using the geothermal energy of flooded coal mines.


Visit to Heerlen’s Maankwartier

The new train and bus station area is a must-see when in South Limburg and Heerlen.


Street art Tour

Art is everywhere in Heerlen…Discover all the murals, from the smallest to the biggest ones during this tour!


Heerlen city walk

A guided walk around the city and its historical sites.


Site visits are in English and registration is required. They are organised by Heerlen City Council

More information in our Programme.


Social dining

Eugene QUINN, from the association Space & Place, will organise a dinner to foster exchanges between Heerlen’s inhabitants and the participants to the forum.
Live like a local for one night out and get a sense of place in Heerlen, hear the local perspective on people’s priorities and desires. With this session we also want to give a unique opportunity to locals to hear about a part of Europe. It is a conversation adventure, and a useful exchange of ideas.

22 April 2020 at 20:30

More information will be available shortly.


The Youth Conference

Climate Alliance Netherlands and Heerlen City Council will bring Dutch students to the Cities & Citizens Energy Forum. They will discuss how to involve the youth in the energy transition and how to make collaborative projects happen in their own city.

24 April 2020 from 9.00 to 16.00

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Exhibition: La Pile, electricity in my neighbourhood

With the project “La Pile”, the association City Mine(d) identified 14 electricity pioneers of today. An exhibition launched in the Bozar Museum in Brussels in May 2019 shows their achievements, ambitions and bottlenecks. In a serious game that comes along, the public can explore the potential of local electricity.

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Visit Zuid Limbourg

Your days at the Cities and Citizens Energy Forum in Heerlen are going to be busy, inspiring and energetic! To nurture your energy and keep it flowing, the city of Heerlen is delighted to offer you a ticket to one of our museums to learn a little bit about the long and fascinating history of our town.

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