About the forum

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak,
together with the city of Heerlen
we decided to postpone our Forum to a later date.


The first Cities & Citizens Energy Forum
will take place in 2021.



Aren’t you tired of sitting in a conference, listening to never-ending speeches? Are you looking for dialogues and meaningful peer-to-peer exchanges instead?

If you are seeking to rethink the boundaries of our actions, or dreaming of a place to make your work visible and find new partners, the first Cities and Citizens Energy Forum is for you.

We want our annual conference to be more than 3 days of pleasant social gathering: the Forum should drive debates and provide inspiration to the participants and the hosting city. We want to be challenged by the local community!


During 3 days, we will:

  • SHOW the progresses, the potentials, the diversity of local energy initiatives
  • SHARE solutions, failures, needs for new policies and legal frameworks
  • SHAKE the business as usual agenda, the EU agenda, and our own way of thinking!


What we want to achieve

We want to show how vibrant the local energy initiatives are, by focusing on partnerships between municipalities and communities. We will demonstrate that the transition is happening! By exploring such partnerships, we want to highlight positive actions that go beyond fighting and adapting to climate change, to reinvent local economies and policy making at local level.

We aim at building this Forum with relevant partners, promoting best practices of cities and citizens energy partnerships to a wider audience. That is why we will have the European network of energy cooperatives REScoop opening our conference, to present some of their relevant projects from across Europe.


Why you should come

Because we are all actors of the changes to come!

This forum is for everyone, even though it targets active citizen and cities representatives in the first place. You can come to share your experiences, but also to shake your own city’s administration, or to mobilise other actors.

Because we want to celebrate!

Energy Cities has turn 30 in 2020. We have been defending a locally-driven energy transition since 1990! Come and celebrate with us!


The host city

Heerlen is a city in the southeast of the Netherlands. After being the centre of the coal mining industry in the Netherlands, it accomplished an incredible transition and it’s now internationally awarded for its pioneering projects in the field of geothermal energy.